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The 10 Step Secret Formula to Email Marketing Success

The 10 Step Secret Formula to Email Marketing Success

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels available to digital marketers. If done rightly, it can fetch you a high ROI for your efforts. Check out our 10 Step Secret Formula to Email Marketing Success.

Some marketers will tell you that email advertising is a relic of the past and no longer effective. Many people who falsely assume that emailing doesn’t work for them switch to other avenues without tapping the full potential that this ever-reliable marketing strategy offers for businesses. Like it or not, email marketing still holds its place as a powerful marketing platform for promoting your business.

A primary concern of some companies is the low open rate that this mode of marketing fetches. This and many other issues are tackled in more detail below. So without further ado, here is the 10 Step Secret Formula to Email Marketing Success:

1. Keep it Brief

There’s a reason why mobile is dominating the scene. People are on the go, everywhere. For the same reason, they expect you to keep your emails short and to the point. When they open your email, they’re not expecting to read an entire e-book pasted in the text. If by any means, you’re trying to promote an e-book, then a better option would be to include a short promotional text accompanied with a link to the e-book. Interested readers will click the link, others will move on. It’s that simple.

People expect you to value their time. They end up frustrated seeing lengthy emails that try to gain their attention and time. To serve your readers better, keep emails short and simple.

2. Limit Links to One or Two at the Most

No matter how useful the information you share, readers will be reluctant to open more than one or two links in your email. Even if they are interested in the content you’re sharing, you still have another major obstacle standing in the way - the email client closely scans the contents of emails. Any email loaded with multiple links is filtered out of the inbox and sent straight to the promotional tab. Equally important is the Unsubscribe link, which is also weighed by email clients like Google, so this has to be included in the email. Ideally, you should consider adding only one link besides the Unsubscribe link, if you truly want the promotional email to land in the reader’s inbox and thereby increase the open rate.

3. Ensure Consistent Delivery

Affix the time and days on which you send the email. Over time, your readers will start expecting fresh content from you at the designated times. The recommended times for sending promotional emails varies from industry to industry; do your research and find the timing that works best in your case.

Avoid emailing at odd hours. It’s annoying and affects the open rate dramatically.

4. Add Value to the Reader

Create and email content that truly adds value to the reader’s life. It can be anything as simple as a tip or two related to your areas of expertise. Another option is to share useful industry breakthrough that impacts the reader’s life. Offer fresh insight that can inspire the reader to lead a better life. Money saving tips are also engaging. Before you know it, your readers will start looking forward to your emails to derive the value it offers.

5. Keep Pictures for Some Other Platform

Email marketing is centred on words, so you don’t particularly need the services of an expert graphic designer for this one. It affects the open rate, and an image laden email may end up in the promotions section, rather than the envied inbox.

Also, you need to make a trade-off between corporate touches, such as logo and higher open rate. If conversion is your primary objective, the email can do without any of the marketing symbols and logos.

6. Avoid Sales Pitch

Many readers are frustrated by sales pitches landing in their inbox. The space is reserved for more important tasks, so your email can do without a sales pitch. It just doesn’t work! Some companies are even known to have ended their email marketing program after realizing that it’s not the place to hard sell a product or a service.

7. Avoid RSS

Promoting your latest blogs may seem like a step in the right direction, but it’s ruining your open rates. RSS notifications are more than likely to get your email placed in the promotions or social tab and ultimately attract lesser readers to open the mail and check its content.

8. Format Text in HTML

Plain text is quick to open, but there are some advantages of formatting text in HTML as opposed to plain text. It easily incorporates links that you’re looking to add into the email. HTML text is easily tracked via email tracking services. HTML text still remains easy to open on any mobile or desktop device without disrupting the orientation and display. So it’s the right choice for your email content.

9. Use Catchy Subject Lines

Use powerful subject lines that compel the reader to open the email and read the content. Some examples of catchy subject lines are as follows:

  • 5 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Presence
  •  How to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes?
  • 15 Tips for Users New to Social Media 
  • 5 Top Visited Marketing Blogs and Lessons Learnt
  • 10 Facebook Myths Every Startup Must Know

10. Respond to Your Readers

There can be nothing more important than replying to your readers’ messages. All other things come later. If a reader has taken your information or advice seriously and cares enough to send you a message, you must complete the connection by writing back. People want to know you better. With all the automated systems out there, the only possible way of standing apart from the clutter is through personalized messages and interactions that take place between you and your readers. It should be your top priority.

Building one-way traffic across email seems like a strange thing, anyways. It simply doesn’t make sense that you have a right to reach out to your readers, but they don’t have the right to email back. It certainly implies a very negative message about your way of handling communications and reflects a deeper neglect towards readers who are willing to share their time and space with you. The This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is an even poorer marketing tactic that is bound to doom your efforts before they even deliver any results.


By applying these tips, you are bound to derive more pleasure and success from your email marketing program. Sending emails is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with your readers, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t benefit from this marketing program like so many other businesses.


About the Author

Emma Grant is the Email Marketing Manager at Woocom. With a variety of industry experience and qualifications including a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing and Advertising) Emma has a passion for all things digital marketing (specialising in email marketing), good wine and fostering unloved puppy dogs.

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On: 30 Nov 2015