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Types of logos

Types of logos

The purpose of a logo is to act as a brand identifying marketing tool to help communicate your business. It should help generate the desired emotional response and help position your business within your target audience.


There are typically 3 types of logos:

  • Iconic / Symbolic - these types of logos are present an iconic symbol without a text or the company / product name. The idea is that the symbol provides a visual representation and leaves some room for individual interpretation of what it represents.
  • Logotype / wordmark – A word mark logo is when we use font shape, colour and positions to help establish its unique identity and reinforce the company or brand name. We all know that different colors invoke different emotions or thought patterns. The same result comes from the use of different font type, different position and effects.  Some examples are;
  • Combination marks - this is when we combine both iconic and wordmark to create a memorable visual identity for a business or product.
Posted in: Creative Services
On: 02 Aug 2010