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How does your Email Marketing stack up against others in the industry?

How does your Email Marketing stack up against others in the industry?

If you currently use Email Marketing as a way of communicating with your customers but aren't really seeing any results it could be time to re-think your approach. Industry benchmarks for Email Marketing provide a useful way to compare key metrics against your own to see how your Email Marketing stacks up.

If you consider open rates, certain industries have a higher open rate percentage than others. The industry with the highest overall open rate is Insurance, which gets an open rate of 31.4%, followed by Financial services at 28%*. Lower open rates are seen across Marketing and advertising industries at just 9.8%. So, how do your open rates compare to industry benchmarks? Is your Email marketing performing well or is there some work to be done to improve on your current open rate percentage? 

Here are some simple steps you can take to improve your open rates:

  • Come up with really compelling – hard to ignore subject lines

  • Personalise your subject line (but not by the recipients’ name, but instead include something which is location specific. For example your email subject line could include Perth or WA to make it more relevant to the reader)

  •  Send to people who want to receive your emails and you know have opted in to receive communication from your business

  • Make sure your grammar and spelling in the subject line is bang on

Another key metric to consider when it comes to Email Marketing is click through rates. This basically means how many of your recipients go on to click certain links within your email? By monitoring this you can get a good handle on the types of content that encourage greater interaction and can use that insight when crafting up future email campaigns. An important element to bear in mind for click through rates is whether your emails are mobile friendly. By that, what we mean is are your emails easy to view and read on mobile and tablet devices? Emails which use mobile friendly designs are proven to get higher click through rates than non-responsive emails. In fact, the click through rate is 21% higher. That’s a stat that is hard to ignore. So, if the Email Marketing platform you use makes it possible for you have a mobile friendly version of the email designed – be sure to select that option. In doing so, you are likely to see your click through rates increase.

Woocom are specialists in the field of Email Marketing so if you need any hints or tips or would like to speak to us to see how your Email Marketing could work harder for your business please get in touch on 1300 966 266.

*Source – Marketing Profs Blog post June 3rd 2014. 

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On: 01 Jul 2014