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LinkedIn offers genuine prospects for business growth

LinkedIn offers genuine prospects for business growth

If your business has profiles on certain social media sites but LinkedIn isn't one of them you might want to reconsider. LinkedIn is arguably becoming a powerful beast when it comes to online networking and referrals and it pays to create Company page for your business to take advantage of the potential it has to offer.

LinkedIn has over 5.5 million members, and of that Australia accounts for 2% of global membership. You might think that 2% doesn't sound a lot but when you consider our small population numbers that actually represents 35% of the workforce. To add to that, LinkedIn is growing fast with 2 members joining every single second!

LinkedIn users tend to be professionals across various age groups and industries. Over 70% of members are aged 25 years and over, with 44% working for companies employing over 10,000 staff. If you believe your customer profile matches those who are on LinkedIn then you it would pay to have a presence where your customers are and posting industry relevant content on a regular basis. Plus, having another website such as LinkedIn point people back to your own website can also help with your search engine rankings. Google can tell when fresh and high quality content is being posted and LinkedIn provides an easy way to share ongoing content and updates with your audience and potential customers.

Setting up a Business page is something you can do for yourself, or can be outsourced to an external company. Woocom has experience of creating social media profiles and of working with LinkedIn so if LinkedIn sounds right for your business – we would be more than happy to talk to you about how to use it to grow your business and your revenues. Give us a call on 130 966 266.

Posted in: Social Media
On: 30 Jun 2014