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Reaching a Passionate Community Through Social Media

Reaching a Passionate Community Through Social Media

As the Social Media Manager here at Woocom, I get the privilege of managing the social accounts of many organisations. Sometimes I completely manage a client’s Social Media presence, and at other times I work in conjunction with a client to manage their Social Media presence – it really just depends on the client’s resources and objectives.

Aussie Invader is one of the amazing clients that I get to work with – it’s very much a collaborative approach that we have. What’s more, it is such a great cause and story, with plenty of really passionate fans. With over 2600 fans on Facebook, it’s pretty darn popular. But a high number of likes to a page does not mean too much without engagement, because after all likes can be bought. However,  the Aussie Invader Facebook community is highly engaged, regularly achieving a reach high above what should be expected, and this comes down to the fact that the fans are genuine and engage with every post by liking, commenting, sharing and clicking through.

When I came onboard, the community was ticking along quite nicely which provided a really good base upon which to build. By scheduling posts ahead of time and posting items at optimal times, we’ve been able to increase the growth rate of the Facebook community and also total reach.

The beauty of fostering the Aussie Invader community is that it involves a story with a great deal of history, patriotism, and a genuinely interesting journey. Even without my expert influence, the community was already engaging with the content and growing organically.


I use Hootsuite to schedule all my clients’ posts across their various accounts. I find that it’s the most well-rounded Social Media Management solution and I highly recommend it. And by being methodical with your scheduling, it saves time in the long run and better enables you to split test and carry out experiments to determine your best times to post, frequency of posts, and which content types get the best engagement.

And by scheduling as much as possible, it frees up the Aussie Invader team to create high quality content rather than spending time uploading posts and curating content.


Social Media is not always about getting the greatest number of likes, or even about making the most money – it all depends on the objectives of the overall business/organisation. Aussie Invader, for example, isn’t driven by profit. Their overall goal is to break the World Land Speed Record. This means our Social goals are more about building awareness of the cause, educating people about science and engineering, and encouraging donations. The KPI’s that we monitor are as closely related to these objectives as possible.

The Future

The next phase of the Social Strategy will be to drive more donations. This will require the careful crafting of a compelling message, and introduction of paid advertising. Facebook advertising is highly cost-effective (especially in comparison to Google Ads), which should have the effect of amplifying the results we have already been achieving – so I’m very confident we will be able to get a financial ROI from this next phase.


About the Author

David Rose is the Social Media Manager at Woocom. With two degrees and a couple of businesses under his belt, David has had a wide and varied career so far, most recently in marketing consulting. Social media and content marketing is his forte and as an entrepreneur at heart he drives hard to demonstrate a ROI as he believes every marketing dollar spent needs to provide at least an equal return. In his spare time David can be found checking in at the hottest new restaurants on Facebook, posting food pics on Instagram and tweeting about social media marketing. Follow him on Twitter @davidroseagain.

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On: 12 Sep 2014