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Want to be a part of a world record attempt? Well, for as little as $20 you can!

Woocom is pleased to support our very own Rosco McGlashan from Aussie Invader in his new mission - to raise money to fund the construction of the all-important Tailfin needed to achieve the World Land Speed record of 1000mph.

If you want to be a part of a unique opportunity to put Australia firmly on the map then this is it. You can help Rosco in his quest to break the World Land Speed record of 1000mph and from as little as $5. Plus, if you want to get your name featured on the Tailfin you can for any donations which are $20 or more. School and corporate donation packages are also available. You can even print your own personalised certificate once you have donated to this exciting cause. So if you want to treat someone to a special and different gift or you are feeling generous and want to donate to Rosco's Land Speed World Record cause and join the ride you can do so here. If you need more convincing watch the video.

Posted in: Web Marketing
On: 13 May 2014