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Attention to detail

Attention to detail

For an experienced web designer and developer it is very easy to see the difference between an average and an outstanding website. The website viewer also recognises this, but in more of a subconscious manner.


The difference is in the attention to detail and without a doubt sends a very clear message about your business when done correctly.

It’s the little touches and finishes that make a big difference to the overall success of your website.

You know when you look at a website and feel that something is not quite right... more often than not it’s these final touches and attention to detail.

By making sure that things line up, that there is consistency in the use of fonts and font sizes, that the use of colours are constant and complementary and so on, presents your site and your business in a more professional way which provides extra credibility through a feeling of quality.

Often a website will look great in its original design file, but when converted to a webpage it looks a little different and not as well finished. The best web design companies can make your site look exactly the same as your initial design. They can also make sure that your site will look the same across the different types of supported internet browsers.

When building your website, make sure you demand this attention to detail.

A cool site for evaluating site colours is www.colorcombos.com. In the top right corner you can enter a website address and it will give you the site colour chart.

Posted in: Website Design
On: 18 Aug 2010