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Aussie Invader: Designing a Donation System

Aussie Invader: Designing a Donation System

The quest to set a new land speed record is not a cheap one. To get to the point of simply being able to make the attempt represents a lot of energy, determination, technical excellence, and funding. The Aussie Invader organisation is a not-for-profit so funding is always going to be a challenge. Fortunately the Aussie invader story is the stuff dreams are made of and as a result, there is a very loyal and engaged community that supports this adventure. So much so, that the community is willing and ready to play their part and make a donation.

Aussie Invader wanted to make it as easy as possible for their supporters to make donations via the website, so we designed an elegant and robust donation system to accept donations. We also took it further by adding an autoresponder and the ability for the donor to print out a personalised certificate to signify the fact that they’re contributing to a history-making event.

The technical basis of the donation system is one we have great familiarity with as we were able to adapt a system we use for many of our e-commerce clients. This meant that the system was as secure as can be, and we were able to develop this feature quickly because of our extensive experience in e-commerce.

Once a sponsor submits their donation, they receive an initial email thanking them. In this email there is a link to generate their very own certificate as a small token of Aussie Invader’s appreciation. Because the sponsor added in their details when going through the donation process, the certificate they generate is automatically populated with their previously entered details. At this point they are invited to download and print this certificate.


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On: 13 Aug 2014