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Freelance Website Developers and Web Designers Perth

Freelance Website Developers and Web Designers Perth

Are you considering using a freelance designer in Perth or a freelance developer in Perth? If so you might like to consider the following on Perth freelance designers and freelance web developers.


While there are many talented freelance website designers and freelance website developers in Perth Western Australia you should probably try and consider the benefits of using a professional and established web development company.

Freelance designers and freelance developers often seem a cheaper option though in the long run it might not be so.

Some of things that need consideration are;

  • How deep is their knowledge pool? Unless the freelance designer or developer has many years experience there is a good chance they are still learning. There is often no one within arm’s reach to assist or trouble shoot hard or technical issues - time you are paying for them to learn. Also they have a tendency to work in just one way and not actually look at the overall objectives of your development and work with the best option.
  • Another issue is freelance designers and development freelancers are often under resourced. They try to carry too many clients and thus have a hard time being able to respond quickly to your business needs.
  • One of the benefits of using an established web marketing company is that they generally have a larger portfolio and knowledge base, thus a greater background of development to leverage on your development – reducing time and cost. 
  • Typically a freelancer is either disciplined in design or development; meaning they will require third party help (likely another freelancer) to be able to provide a full web marketing solution. This often leads to scattered and disjointed developments and a less holistic approach to your overall marketing needs.
  • With the ever-growing outsource industry from places like India, Russia, Pakistan and so on, local freelance designers and freelance developers tend to outsource a lot of their work. This means less control, privacy issues, time restraints and many other factors that impact negatively on your development.
  • A final point of concern - on going support. The freedom of freelance often leads to developers and designers being “in and out of business”, and it is difficult to receive the same level of ongoing support that a full-scale web development company can offer.

We are not saying that all freelance designers and freelance web developers are the same. Over the years Woocom has used some exceptional freelance designers within Perth and other parts of Australia, the trick is knowing who are the good ones and which ones to work with.

Posted in: Website Development
On: 27 Aug 2010