Content Management System

Content Management Systems

A content management system lets you easily take control of your website.

We work with the best of breed CMS giving you the control and freedom to manage your website content. The right CMS sets the foundation for future growth of your business and allows you to add new web technologies along the journey. Things like photo galleries, shopping charts and blogs are just a few things you can add to your website at any time via your CMS.

Making simple and small changes to your site becomes straight forward and you avoid any fees for doing this when you self manage your site. Our personally designed, customer friendly system is part of our ongoing service commitment and is included in the price of a Woocom website. Our CMS is based on a system used by over 35 million people worldwide and if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use this.

There'll always be little changes you want to make - like changing a staff member or contact details, adding new product details or giving your customers up to date company news. A content management system will help you do all this. With every website we deliver we will ensure we guide you through how to use our Content Management System and how to maximise its potential for your website.

What then should you look for in a Content Management System?

  • 1Easy to use

    Easy to use

    It goes without saying, the easier and more convenient something is to use the more likely you are to use it. We know that the more you engage with your current and prospective clients the more success you will have with your website. Having a system that is simple to use minimizes your time on content and allows you more time to focus on other components of your business.

  • 2flexible


    Our CMS has been designed with your business in mind. Having the flexibility to do things like update your website from a mobile device, change your content no matter the time of the day and run time sensitive promotions are a few of the reasons why having a flexible CMS increases your websites success.

  • 3search-friendly

    Google Friendly

    To maximize the effectiveness of your site, it must be one of the top 3 choices when users search the relevant key words. By giving your site rich, relevant content that is updated regularly assists in your websites rank.

  • 4scalable


    As you business grows it’s important that your CMS has the ability to grow with it. Whether it’s adding new components or appealing to a new target audience, the scalability of your website is a crucial component to online success.

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