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Woocom Campaigner is an easy to use email marketing system that allows you to create clever email and SMS marketing campaigns that build and nurture client relationships, keep you relevant to your audience and build loyalty. With comprehensive reporting it’s easy to track your results and tailor communications to help you turn your email and SMS campaigns into revenue!

Email marketing remains the best digital channel for ROI and Woocom is hands down the leader in this field. Woocom Campaigner is easy to use, easy to track and tailors a communication solution that allows you to accurately predict trends and opportunities in your market. We can also integrate it into your current website design.

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Most email marketing services only send emails…. “Not at Woocom”!

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What can you do with Campaigner?

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    Designing Stunning Emails

    Got a great template design? Bring it along. If not, we can create you a customised and flexible template in a variety of formats, optimised for conversions and making your email marketing stand out from the crowd.

  • Manage Your Contacts

    Database management is the not-so-sexy side of email marketing. However, a well maintained list is just as important as good quality campaigns, if not more so. Campaigner makes it easy to upload and maintain your contact lists, automatically managing your unsubscribed and bounced emails, so you don’t have to.

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    SMS marketing

    Create and manage SMS campaigns easily with Campaigner. SMS works hand in hand with email in your emarketing strategy. It is ideal for competitions, sales and sending instant event reminders or confirmations.

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    Social Media

    Integration of your social media and email marketing strategy has never been more important and thanks to Woocom Campaigner it’s easy. Automatically publish messages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and allow customers to share your emails with social sharing options.

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    Manage Events

    Event management is simple with Woocom Campaigner. Easily create and send your invitation, manage RSVP's and automate confirmations, reminder and thank-you messages.

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    Email Testing

    We have integrated with the world's premier email inbox tester Litmus. From within the system you can now see what your email will look like in over 20 inboxes and even on some mobile devices such as the iPhone.

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    The easy to read, yet powerful reporting tool shows you exactly how your audience is interacting with your campaigns, even down to the individual level.

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    Security and Privacy

    Apart from being members for Verisign and Truste, we have a dedicated team and advanced technologies protecting your privacy every second of every day. And just for good measure we're also GITC V5 compliant.