Results-driven SEO

SEO that pays for itself

SEO that generates leads

SEO is all about making your business rank highly in search results when your perfect customer is looking for your product or service. It is part art and part science, with 70% of online search enquiries going to the top three ranked websites. Our SEO experts are the best in the business and will ensure the people you want to talk to are heading your way. If your website isn’t currently sitting high enough in search rankings, let’s have a chat and put a plan together to get you there.

Woocom SEO is results-focused and is designed to achieve profitable outcomes for clients. In the long run, our SEO service easily pays for itself. The amount of business our clients generate from organic traffic pays for the ongoing SEO costs many times over.


  1. Generate leads

    SEO that gets results is part art and part science. Our SEO experts have incredible skills based on years of achieving impressive results for clients. They live and breathe SEO and are at the forefront of the latest techniques and developments in the industry.

    Being able to measure the traffic that comes to your website as a result of SEO is of critical importance so we employ Google Universal Analytics to measure these important metrics and to monitor what visitors are doing once they’re on the site.

  2. ROI focused

    When we do our background research for you, we apply a mathematical model to the information you provide us, along with key information that we uncover, in order to calculate a predicted ROI. You are able to then decide whether SEO is a good investment for you... it almost always is.

  3. Proven track record

    Over the last decade we have achieved impressive results for hundreds of clients. Here are but a few recent examples of which we are particularly proud.


"After working with Woocom for 9 months we did $5 million in sales. We are now a $15 million dollars a year business and I put a large part of this down to our web marketing strategy."


Trojan Fitness

Trojan Fitness has been with Woocom for many years and with close optimisation of their site’s performance has delivered increases in organic search traffic year on year.

Organic search traffic from January to June 2014 was 23,769 visits; 46% higher than the same time last year (16,229) and 92% higher than previous (12,363).

Additionally, website load on mobile devices was optimised and resulted in a dramatic decrease of Mobile bounce rate. Bounce rate on iPhones went from 73% to 42% after the launch of their responsive website.

Clementine Sleepwear

Clementine Design Sleepwear came to us in a challenging situation because they were facing competition from big name brands like Myer, David Jones, Target, Peter Alexander, Victoria Secret, Deshabille, and Bras N Things.

With careful selection of keywords targeted to Clementine Sleepwear’s target clientele, we were able to focus more energy on keywords that would get conversions. Their SEO efforts are now starting to pay off with a 111% increase in Organic Traffic in 3 months (1,842 visits vs 872). They are now ranking alongside and sometimes higher than the big brand names listed above.

Modern Home Improvers

During our search engine optimisation of Modern Home Improvers, changes in the search landscape led to some opportunities to further refine the on-site experience and crawlability of the site. We were also able to quickly take advantage of another service offering that brought a large extra volume of traffic to the site.

Before our update traffic was averaging 170 Organic visits per week. After our update in January 2014, and the site was consistently maintaining an average of 293 Organic visits per week. It has improved since.

What we do

Initial website audit
  • In-depth site analysis
  • Content duplicacy check
  • Initial backlinks analysis
  • Google penalty check
  • Competition analysis
On page optimisation
  • Title and meta tags optimisation
  • Content optimisation
  • Website content check
  • HTML code cleanup and optimisation
  • Internal link structuring and optimisation
Local search optimisation
  • NAP Syndication and citation building
  • Google+ local
  • Updating pages and schema integration
  • Classified submissions

More traffic, more business, more customers