3 Islands Whale Shark Dive

3 Islands Whale Shark Dive
3 Islands Whale Shark Dive
3 Islands Whale Shark Dive


The Rhincodon Typus or what’s more commonly known as the Whale Shark, is truly the giant of the sea. In fact the largest recorded Whale Shark was measured at a huge 42 foot! Based out of Exmouth in Western Australia, 3 Islands offer their clients a unique wild life interaction by entering into the Whale Sharks world, swimming with the Whale Sharks and witnessing nature at is greatest.


Nothing can replicate being in the Indian Ocean next to a Whale Shark watching it going about its day. Our challenge was to give prospective clients an insight into the experience 3 Islands provide. We also wanted to ensure 3 Islands would be the first business to appear on Google and clients were able to book, interact and enquire with ease, no matter if they were using the site on their PC, laptop, phone or tablet.


The most notable part of this site is the video of the Whale Sharks swimming in the background. By using the latest in HTML5 technology we were able to edit sections of the complete video and loop it as a background image, creating maximum visual impact and allowing clients to visual what a day with the 3 islands team would be like.

We also had to consider the fact that a lot of travellers are using smart phones and tablets, so we built the site fully responsive to any device making it as simple as possible to use.

Through our SEO efforts 3 Islands can now be found sitting on top of Google when searching relevant key words and phrases. We also streamlined the booking process to make it simple and easy for users, showcasing the amazing service our client provides.

All in all our client now has a website that has tremendous visual impact, great depth of information, performs well on all search engines and clients can easily interact and book with 3 Islands.

We love this site and it’s a great example of the creativity and innovation you will get when you choose to work with Woocom.


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