7th Avenue Bar & Restaurant

7th Avenue Bar & Restaurant
7th Avenue Bar & Restaurant
7th Avenue Bar & Restaurant


7th Avenue Bar & Restaurant is the largest and liveliest bar in the Swan Valley! With well priced food, drinks and great old fashion service, 7th Avenue is a funky place to enjoy a few quiet ones with friends.


The client wanted us to build a site that:

  • Showcased 7th Avenues events, food, drinks and Atmosphere
  • Integrated with social media
  • User friendly, with great depth of information


Working on this site, we wanted to ensure that the site had maximum visual impact. By building the poster board on the left of the screen users immediately know what that this pub is well priced and the choice of imagery builds the 7th Avenue story.

A clever use of a great video, strong images and a clear and easily useable menu structure all make this site work well.

The site has great content depth and was designed with easy navigation in mind. All in all this is a great example of a site for a business in the entertainment industry.

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