Aussie Invader

Aussie Invader
Aussie Invader
Aussie Invader


Aussie Invader is a car with a difference! Rossco and the team are looking at breaking the worlds Land Speed record and with speeds of 1000MPH this thing FLIES!


Aussie Invader required a site to better interact with users to increase donations and also keep interested in the loop with what's happening with Aussie Invader. It was important to ensure the depth of detail both in images and text content covered every element of the project. It was also important to modernise the site and increase awareness on social media channels.


We designed the site have a stronger focus on imagery and also video. That gave the site a greater depth and also allowed for easier sharing capability on social networks. We also set up a better donation system to ensure users would be able to donate with ease and help Rossco and the team achieve their dream.

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