Generous Squire

Generous Squire
Generous Squire
Generous Squire


Generous Squire has been operating for 4.5 years and in that time has become known as Perth’s only functioning, award-winning micro-brewery in the CBD. If you have a taste for micro-brewery beers then chances are, Generous Squire will have something to suit.


Generous Squire were keen to get a website that offered an engaging experience to its’ visitors. They wanted a mobile friendly website that provided information not only on the types of different beers that they brew, but also promoted their beer club. The website is easy on the eye and has a fresh looking design and can be viewed easily on smartphones or tablet devices.


The Generous Squire website is home to their beer club, provides details on their functions and what’s on and also gives information on the food they serve. The user experience of the website is easy and intuitive and the website has been optimised for mobile viewing which means that the website responds in size to the screen that it’s being displayed on. For avid beer loves, the website also provides detailed information on its’ full range of beers.

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