The Green Naturopath

The Green Naturopath
The Green Naturopath
The Green Naturopath


Suzanna Wallace is a Naturopath who is focused on her clients living a healthier life. Through her consultation service and natural recipes, Suzanna is highly respected in her field.


Suzanna had a great social following via her blog and social networks and wanted to encompass all of what she was doing into a central hub, in this case her website. It was essential that the recipes where able to easily read, printed and shared across various social networks. Suzanna also required a logo and brand material to be created.


We designed the logo and the website to best suit the look and feel of the brand. We integrated social media into all blog and recipe content to ensure users would be able be utilise this information. We also included email marketing and SEO into the solution allowing for the increased traffic and brand awareness to grow.

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