VeRBL is a company with over 30 years’ experience and as a result, they have become a leading provider of a range of telecommunication services to small, medium and corporate businesses. VeRBL provides honest advice to businesses making it easier for them to obtain the right office phone system, phone services and plans at cost effective rates.


VeRBL wanted their website to provide a user friendly experience and to be home to lots of useful content such as guides on “9 easy steps to choose your next telephone system”. As a leader in the field of providing phone communications to businesses they wanted a market leading website.


The website is clean and fresh and uses simple imagery and icons to get the message across visually. Visitors to the website can navigate easily through the different sections and get access to the information they need. As well as being able to contact VeRBL through the website using their online form, visitors can also request for a comparison of their phone bill. This makes it possible for VeRBL to capture sales leads, whilst at the same time, provide a service that is of value to their website visitors.

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