Social Media Marketing

What a colossal giant Social Media has
become! With Facebook having over 1 billion
users, Google + having over 500 million users
and Twitter having over 200 million users, and
more and more new options being created
daily, social media is now about more than
showing friends what you had for dinner!

Social Media is a key medium to engage with
your clients. It’s not the amount of ‘likes’ or
followers you have that counts, it’s the way
you engage with them.

No matter what your industry, the importance 
of Social Media in the current market continues 
to be more and more relevant. Luckily, you have a friend in Woocom who knows all about Social
Media, how it works, how to interact with current clients and how to attract new ones.

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Facebook Microsites

A Micro Site is a hybrid version of your website that sits as part of your Facebook page and is easily accessible from a user timeline.

Users can access this site and still remain on Facebook, meaning they can navigate your page while still engaged in chat with friends, commenting on photos and other related activities.

A Facebook Micro Site also allows you to better market your company through Facebook adverts and continue to strengthen your digital presence while increasing consumer awareness of your business.

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