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Why Tell When You Can Show? The Power of Online Video

Why Tell When You Can Show? The Power of Online Video

For many marketers, conversion rate is a critical metric when it comes to proving value. After all, the number of people converting is usually an easy method to see whether your marketing tactics are working. When sales, signups or leads go up, your marketing efforts must be working. So what if there was a tactic you could use that would make people 70 percent more likely to buy? You'd use it, right?

80 percent of people are willing to watch an online video, as opposed to 20 percent who are willing to read an article. Online videos are rapidly becoming an industry standard. They can be made using relatively simple equipment and provide attention-grabbing visuals. After all, the human brain can process visual information 60,000 times faster than it can parse text.

Video can be a great boon to your content marketing program. When you have videos on your site, visitors spend more time on site, consume more content, have a higher conversion rate and are even more likely to share your page on social media. Unlike reading words on a page, video lets you put a personal touch behind your brand. People are more likely to pay attention to other peoples' faces and voices, which can be a rich source of information. It doesn't matter how beautiful your prose is. Put a wonderfully written article next to a video and you'll see that the video wins every time.

Of course, video is good for more than just visitors and conversions. Putting video content on your website can make your page 53 times more likely to end up on the front page of a search engine. When your website has a better search presence, more people are able to find it.

Once people have found your site, video helps get them to convert into leads or even buyers. Shoppable video, in which products are featured and are easy to buy, results in improved conversion rates. For one company, 14 percent of people who watched the video bought something. 46 percent of those people were new conversions. These numbers are enough to make any marketer green with envy.

While blogging and social media are valuable, nothing sells quite like video. If you're considering changing up your marketing mix, think about investing in video. Add your voice to the 1.7 billion video streams watched by Australians each month and watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

Posted in: Creative Services
On: 16 Mar 2015