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Promote Your Next Event With These 2 PPC Tactics

Promote Your Next Event With These 2 PPC Tactics

One way many companies aim to drum up new leads and generate interest in their company is by holding an event. For example, webinars have taken off in recent years as a great way to find fresh new faces who may be interested in buying - or at least in signing up to receive your emails in the future.

However, webinars and other events are only as good as their promotions. Especially if you're starting a new event program, you may have a hard time finding people to sign up. That's because nobody knows about it, so nobody's searching for it. Fortunately, you can still get the signups you need at a relatively low CPA using a couple of paid search tactics.

For example, consider starting a sitelinks campaign to lead people back to your webinar or other event. Even though nobody's searching for "your company webinar," you can still add a link back to the webinar in your search engine results. Create promotional text that shows up alongside your search engine listing. That way, when people search for your company name, your webinar link will be front and center, hopefully garnering clicks along the way.

Of course, these don't have to be branded for your company. You can also start bidding on regular pay per click keywords that may be topically related to your webinar. In the advertisement, make sure you promote your event. You may find that people who are interested in the subject generally might also want to sign up for your event.

Another way to capture interest in your event or webinar is remarketing. This tactic lets you "capture" visitors who've come to your site. Later, you can promote your webinar to them in an advertisement on another site. For example, you might find that people who have visited a landing page for ebooks your company has produced may also be interested in webinars. These information-seekers probably won't go looking for a webinar on their own, but if you ensure they get an advertisement for your webinar, they may be more likely to sign up.

Just because nobody knows that your company is holding an event doesn't mean you can't drive signups on your website. Paid marketing options like sitelinks and remarketing could potentially help you drive interest without the high cost of, say, television advertising. In some cases, online paid advertising even provides better results than a social media campaign around the same subject. If you're looking to promote your event that everybody will like but nobody will search for, try these two creative tips to make sure your next event has the visibility it needs to succeed.

On: 16 Feb 2015