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Tag Lines

Tag Lines

Although a professional logo design will make you stand out, sometimes it is difficult to get the full message across from just an icon or company name, especially if you are just starting out.


One of the best ways to combat this is to create a carefully though and well worded tag line for your business. A great tagline will assist in educating your prospective customers to the nature and or approach of your business.

Great taglines are simple, get the messages across and will stick in your customers mind. Some examples:

  • Woocom - we put the web to work!
  • American Express - don’t leave home without it
  • NIKE - just do it
  • Yellow Pages - let your fingers do the walking

Another great way to use tag lines is to demonstrate change or progression in your business.  Many significant iconic companies change their taglines a lot to help present a new and active approach to business. We all know that business and consumer trends change, and thus so does the requirement as to how we approach our clients. Some examples of this are:

Coca Cola

  • 1970—It’s The Real Thing
  • 1971—I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke
  • 1975—Look Up America
  • 1976—Coke Adds Life”
  • 1979—Have a Coke and a Smile
  • 1982—Coke Is It!
  • 1985—We’ve Got A Taste For You
  • 1986—Catch The Wave – Red White & You
  • 1989—Can’t Beat The Feeling
  • 1990—Can’t Beat The Real Thing
  • 1993—Always Coca-Cola
  • 1993—Taste It All
  • 2000—Coca-Cola Enjoy
  • 2001—Life Tastes Good
  • 2002—All the world loves a Coke


  • "The internet in your pocket."
  • "Touching is believing" as seen in print ads
  • The word "hello" used in the iPhone's ad.
  • "iPhone Apple reinvents the phone" used at apple.com
  • "Say Hello to iPhone" used at apple.com
  • "Talk about big. iPhone now in 16GB. More music. More video. More iPhone." (2008) used to market the new iPhone in 16GB
  • "The iPhone you've been waiting for." (2008) Used to promote the iPhone 3G
  • "The first phone to beat the iPhone." (2008) Used in their advert for the iPhone 3G
  • "Twice as fast, for half the price" (2008) Used in their ad for the iPhone 3G
  • "The most advanced mobile OS. Now even more advanced." (2009) Used for the presentation of the blueprint for iPhone OS 3.0.
  • "25,000 apps. And counting." (2009) used to market the iPhone 3G.
  • "The fastest, most powerful iPhone yet." (2009) used to advertise the new iPhone 3GS.
  • "This changes everything. Again" (2010) iPhone 4
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On: 02 Aug 2010

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