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Why the launch of Google Panda 4.0 could mean good news for your business

Why the launch of Google Panda 4.0 could mean good news for your business

Panda 4.0 was released on 21st May 2014 and was announced by Matt Cutt’s himself via his very own Twitter feed. 


Just to give you some background, Panda forms part of the organic search engine ranking algorithm and has been designed with the aim of weeding out low-quality websites and those which are light on content. With the launch of Panda 4.0, what this means is that the search algorithm is being “softened” (to use Google’s speak), which will result in smaller websites with high quality content rising to the top of search engine rankings.

Websites with poor quality content (or hardly any content on them at all) need to beware as Google’s search crawlers are working hard to detect these sites and prevent them from getting good search rankings. So this is a message to you out there with a website; take the time needed to review your content and get it up to scratch. 

Tips on what you can do for your website to help with the launch of Panda 4.0 are below:

  1. Create some quality content and do it quickly. Be mindful to create original and relevant content on your website (as well as on Social Media sites)

  2. Optimise the end user experience â€“ so by that we mean put yourself in the shoes of your website visitors and make sure that your website is easy to navigate and that all the links work

  3. Revisit your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) â€“ have a look through the content on your website and check that it’s not stuffed with keywords (or search terms). Instead, it is better to try and target the more niche key phrases. Also, if you run ads on your website try to keep them to a minimum
  1. Look at the quality of the links on your website – does your website feature lots of repetitive keyword links in the footer for instance? Are all of the links on your website necessary and natural and do they add value to the end user experience? If not, chances are you have what’s known as spammy links, which are low in quality and will need to be addressed

If, as a business, you’re actively posting regular, quality content onto your site then Panda 4.0 shouldn’t pose any threat to your rankings. Quite the opposite in fact. If your website content is of high enough quality, provides a good user experience then that is the type of website that Panda 4.0 should reward rather than penalise.  

At just 2 days old, it’s very early stages for Panda 4.0 and too early to tell what its full impact will be. One things for sure though, it will be an interesting few weeks to come while the full effect of Panda 4.0 trickles through and we hear more of who the website winners and losers will be. Plus, Penguin 3.0 is likely to be released very soon so who knows what that will bring. Hold on tight because it could make for a bumpy ride ahead!

On: 23 May 2014