Trojan Fitness

Trojan Fitness
Trojan Fitness
Trojan Fitness


Trojan Fitness sells and hires fitness equipment giving their clients the opportunity to create a gym in the comfort of their own home.


The client wanted us to build a site that:

  • Managed stock levels more efficiently.
  • Allows clients to apply for online instant finance
  • Allowed for more efficient distribution of equipment
  • Search Engine ranking position improved
  • Email Marketing
  • E-Bay Integration


Through our SEO efforts Trojan fitness are now within the top 3 Google options, which as a result has significantly increased their online sales, website traffic and online database. Implementing a new shopping cart allowed the client to mange stock levels and distribution with greater efficiency. By custom building the finance application, our client was able to set the parameters for approval leading to a higher percentage on successful payments made via flexible payment options. The client has had a significant ROI based on this website.

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