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With the launch of Google 4.0 it’s more important than ever to create good content (Infographic)

One of the posts on our blog last week talked about the release of Google 4.0 (which seeks to penalise websites with poor quality content by pushing them down in search results) and how important it is to ensure that you create good content and make this business practise. Well, this is a follow up to that post and looks at how, as a business, you can use content to communicate with your customers. 

Email is a key element of your content marketing strategy. Yet, 35% of small businesses are missing a trick when it comes to promoting content and sending out newsletters. If you’re stuck for what would make for good newsletter content then you needn’t be. Features on special offers, new product launches or past blog posts all make for content that can be re-purposed and included in a company newsletter. So, if you’re not already sending out a newsletter to your existing customers at least on a monthly basis get onto as soon as you can. Newsletters are a great way of keeping your customers updated on what’s happening with your business and also help to keep your brand front of mind. A customer may not be ready to buy from you right there and then when they receive your newsletter but the more they hear from your business, the more you will stay in their minds when the time to buy arrives.

There is no need to create different content for different vehicles. Make things easier for yourself as a small business owner and use the same content wherever possible. If you are posting something on social media then there is no reason why that same content (albeit with some minor re-purposing) can’t be used in your email newsletter or on your website and so on. Save yourself time and keep your message consistent across as many mediums as possible.

Don’t do it alone. Why try to be all things to all people when there are experts out there that you can go to for help. When it comes to something as complex as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) don’t go it alone. With the release of Google 4.0 content has a greater role to pay but that doesn’t automatically mean that good content alone will propel your business to the top spot within Google. You will still need to apply SEO principles to your website to maximise your online presence as well as social media channels. If lack of time is an issue for you – recruit the help of specialists to grow your business and achieve its full potential.



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Posted in: Email Marketing
On: 26 May 2014