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10 Ways To Maximise Your Email Marketing

10 Ways To Maximise Your Email Marketing

Add calls to action. They genuinely work.

Calls to action are buttons or links on your page that ask a reader to do something, like ‘click here for more’, or ‘subscribe’. You want your reader to be able to see calls to action frequently in your emails to entice them to action.

This is particularly true for long emails - they shouldn’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom.

We're always surprised at what a big difference one small button can make in email marketing. Think of it almost as a part of good service - you're making it as easy as possible for your customers to act.

Make your content interesting

Email marketing works best when people read your emails, find them interesting, and forward them to a friend. It’s in your best interest to put a bit of work into your emails to keep them interesting.

Fortunately there are easy ways to track this in Email Campaigner as you can see who opens your emails, and who forwards them. A lot of forwards implies you’re doing well, but a lot of no-opens means you should think about what value you can add to your customers.

A good ratio to aim for in your newsletter content is to provide 80% value to your clients and 20% sell for you.

Be interactive

You can run competitions, ask for input, create polls, or give away prizes to encourage your readers to interact with the newsletter. If you’re running competitions or asking for contributions, that’s also valuable in encouraging people to engage with your business. The more involved they get, the more likely they are to remember your brand, think positively about it, and tell other people about it!

You can also gain valuable marketing information by making it easy for people to give you information.

Some ideas for interactive newsletter items:

  • Colouring competition for kids
  • Write a testimonial to win a voucher
  • Invite your customers to an open show or launch
  • A competition for the best user tip for a more complex product item
  • A poll to ask what their favourite feature of a product/ service is
Posted in: Email Marketing
On: 23 Jul 2010