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W3C Web standards

W3C Web standards

If you had an electrician in your home, you’d expect them not to leave loose cables around. You should have the same expectation of your web developer. Web standards ensure a quality website from the inside out, meaning better performance and versatility.


Web Standards

Websites are built around html code - lines of writing that tell your website what to do. But there are millions of ways to tell your website the same thing. Web standards use the way that works the best.

Web standards are basically just that - a set of standard ways to build a website. This ensures simplicity to make your website fast, easy to use, and easy to fix if anything goes wrong. All Woocom web developments are built to web standards.

The standards were developed by the World Wide Web consortium (W3C), an independent body dedicated to ensuring a high technical quality to websites the world over. Woocom is proud to adhere to these standards as a sign of their commitment to world-class quality website design. And it’s testable! If you already have a website, you can test your site here.

Web standard benefits include:

  • Reduced cost of development, upgrades and maintenance - By using a standard, structured HTML, your website code becomes more organized. That means less code that does the same thing, which is easier to develop and maintain. So web standards can save you money in the long term.
  • Faster websites - More organized code often means more compact code, so the space your code takes up can often be reduced by 25-50%, meaning faster loading times. Which is great, because nobody wants a slow website.
  • Better Search Engine Rankings - Web standards make your code easier for search engines to read, so you’re more likely to pop up on the top of a google search for your name or industry. This can work hand in hand with other search engine marketing techniques we provide.
  • Maximize your potential audience - Web standards means that your site will work on more web browsers, increasing your audience. It also means that your website can keep up with new technologies – it can be viewed on PDAs, note books and Web TV.
  • Reduced hosting cost - Although often not significant, sometimes hosting costs can creep up. A more compact code means less hosting space needed and can save costs.
  • More control - You can check if we’re doing things right, because you can test for web standards. If you already have a website, you can test your site here. It’s so easy, and you no longer have to worry about how good your web developer is.

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On: 12 Aug 2010