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How to make your pages rank better in Google even without web links

How to make your pages rank better in Google even without web links

Google is a powerful beast and when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) it can't be overlooked. Google uses lots of different techniques to establish where your website should rank in search results and this short video from none other than Matt Cutts himself, talks about how Google looks at your website pages to determine ranking position in the scenario where your web pages don't feature many links. 


If your website has different links out to other sections of your site or to other relevant pieces of content this all helps Google when it comes to assessing the quality of your website and your individual web pages as it has more content to look through. In addition, links to your website from other sources help to increase your visibility in search results. By links back to your website this could mean any number of things such as links from your social media pages (that take users back to your website) and links from business directory services etc. Every link that you have back to your website helps and Google looks at these links almost like "votes of confidence" for your site as your content gets deemed as more important and relevant in the eyes of Google. Point to note here though is that when we talk about links on your website we are only talking about those which are called natural links as these are the only ones that help with your website ranking. Unnatural links are those which don't add any value to your website visitors and are placed on your site with the sole purpose of boosting your ranking position within Google (see our related post on Google 4.0 Panda release to learn how eBay suffered from using this practise of unnatural links).

But, if you don't have lots of links back to your website and don't link out to different sources of content Google needs to take a different approach. This is where the quality of your content has a huge role to play. Google will simply look through your site and look at all of the content on each page and use that information to judge where you should be ranked. Whilst it's important to ensure that relevant keywords are used throughout your website you need to steer clear of what is called "keyword stuffing", which is where keywords are over used on a website and placed in sections of your site that don't always make sense and so add little value to the end user. Other factors such as the value associated with your domain name are also taken into consideration when it comes to Google rankings so for example, if you have been in business and had a website for say 10 years or so, your website appears more authoritative than say a business website which has just launched.

What is important to think about is how Google might view your website. Is the quality of your content good? Is it up to date? Do you have a blog? Do you have social media business profiles that could all link back to your website? All of these factors (and more) will go along way with helping the way that Google will assess your website to determine it's ranking position. 

If you need help to boost your ranking within Google get in touch and we can help - 1300 266 966. We've successfully helped businesses to get to their desired position within Google and exceed their expectations. 

On: 04 Jun 2014