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Web Marketing - Getting it Right!

Web Marketing - Getting it Right!

9 out of 10 sites we evaluate are failing in web marketing in one or more areas.

That’s just a crime. The web offers one of the greatest ever opportunities to market and build a better business. The problem is that most websites just aren’t using the right marketing tools to get results.


If it’s worth having a website, it’s worth having a good one.

Most people who want a website have no idea what their website is, should be or could be doing for them. Worse still, many a web development (Perth-based or otherwise)company is so focused on technology or design that they forget your goals – to add value to your business.

At Woocom we aim to make the website marketing process as simple as possible by handling all the technical stuff for you. So your job is just knowing what you want. Sounds easy? The web offers so much, sometimes your goals can get lost along the way. Here are a handful of basic things you can do, and you should expect your web marketing expert (that’s us!) to do to keep your goals clearly in mind:

  • Set a road map and destination for what you want the web to achieve. Make your web marketing accountable.
  • Make sure your website presents well against your main competitors. Look professional and approachable. Build and maintain a strong brand, and send the right message.
  • Demand the best use of available technology. How will your website built? Will it be built to web standards? Will it be bug free, easy-to-use and viewer friendly? Will it cater for your customers’ requirements?
  • Ensure your website and web marketing activities are working to a common goal. Your website will work best if you are focusing on some main objectives and the site is built around achieving those. Some goals could be: Generating new business leads or sales, educating potential customers, or educating existing customers and staff.
  • Increase relevant website traffic. What will you do about website traffic? Will you monitoring traffic and proactively working on ways to get more to your site? How will you get the right traffic?
  • Have the right mechanisms in place to keep in touch and to retouch opportunities. What will you do about follow up marketing? Loyalty marketing? Cross selling and viral marketing? And how will you educate your customers?

We want to improve your business development as a whole, and make sure you get results! Woocom specializes in web marketing solutions for small business.

Why not give us a call on 1300 WOOCOM  (1300 966 266)

On: 05 Aug 2010