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Fonts and Typography

Fonts and Typography

Each font carries its own personality. It’s the way that we use fonts (with words) that helps us get the message across.

We have a choice of 1,000s of fonts to create a business brand and personality - and it is not only the individual fonts selected, but also the way we use these fonts in size, position, boldness and direction that allows us to present the right and highest impact message for your business.


The same way that fonts are very important when designing your logo, it is equally as important when designing your website. The way we use fonts in website design is known as typography.

Good typography is an art and will assist you get the right message across in your website. It will help with structure, with creating impact and with the contextual flow of your website.

Great Typography will use the font personality to help present the message. It will utilise size, direction, space, colour and more to ensure you get the message across and make it easy on the viewer to read and comprehend what you are trying to tell them.

Some general rules for typography

  • Select fonts that are easy to read and carries the tone and personality of your business.
  • Try to keep font types to a minimum - don’t use more than 4 font types on any one page.
  • Be consistent and create a common rule as to how you will use the fonts, i.e. colour, size, boldness, italics, spacing to present highlights, leading text and titles, etc
  • Consider carefully how you use fonts and style sheets and the words within as this will affect your Search Engine Visibility
  • Try to use web safe fonts. Although there are ways around it, it’s important that fonts are displayed as text and not image to ensure search engine visibility. By choosing web safe fonts you will be sure that they can be written as text with the site code and also that you will get good cross browser representation.

Some good font resources are

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On: 26 Jul 2010